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Group Coaching Programs
There are  3 levels of programs available in two age groups: Juniors 8-15 (age ranges can be adjusted to suit requirements) and Adult 16 and over.
Level One: Beginner Table Tennis
Intended for players who may have little or no exposure to table tennis and want to learn how to play properly and make progress towards playing more skillfully and confidently.
Level Two: Development of Fundamentals
This program is intended for players who have played at a reasonable level, whether basement or recreational, who want to improve their skills and knowledge, but at a higher skill and knowledge level based on athlete ability and potential at the time.
Level Three: Player Development
This is an ongoing program intended for players who have completed one of the other two programs and want to continue being coached at the next level. The emphasis is on personalized development, with coaching activities being chosen to match athlete ability and development of athlete, to take them to a higher level of play.
Levels One and Two have the same program as shown, but at skill levels appropriate for the coaching group.
Programs for Home School students are available for Home School groups during class hours from 10am - 3pm Monday thru Friday. Call for details.
Ladies Only Programs
This is an ideal sports for females. If you would prefer to attend a ladies only program, please call for details and we will arrange a Ladies Only Program.
General Liability Insurance cover is available free for all players.

Coaching Group of 4 includes 90 minute coaching session. Includes Open Play.  $7.50 per player
Coaching Group of 3 includes 75 minute coaching session. Includes Open Play. $8.50 per player
Coaching Group of 2 includes 60 minute coaching session. Includes Open Play. $10.00 per player.
If you attend a Coaching Session during the week, Open Play is included.
Open Play is normally Saturday 10:00pm - 1pm.
$5.00 per player.
Private Coaching / Practice Partner
Available by arrangement: 30 minutes $15.00, 60 minutes $20.00, and then increments of 15 minutes $5.00.
Coaching sessions are also available during the day for home schoolers, shift workers, Seniors and others with daytime available. Contact us for availability.

Session Days and Times
Coaching Sessions
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:30pm/5:30pm/6:30pm/7:30pm.
If you are interested in a daytime session please contact us.
Open Play Saturday 10:00am - 1pm.


Click here to visit the ITTF Table Tennis Museum

10 week Group Program for Level One & Two
Session length as per Group Size always includes stroke practice and theory.
Week 1: Grip, Stance, Position, Warm Up, Forehand Drive
Week 2: Equipment, Selection & Clothing, Backhand Drive
week 3: Footwork, Beginner Services
Week 4: Forehand & Backhand Push, Advanced Services
Week 5: Forehand Loop and Block
Week 6: Backhand Loop and Block
Week 7: Fishing and Backhand Punch, Intro to USATT & membership benefits
Week 8: Return of Service, Competitive Play and Tournaments
Week 9: Strategy, Tactics, & Sports Psychology
Week 10: The Lob, Fitness and Food

Coaching Group Size
The Centre can accomodate 4-6 players at a time with 1 coach, This size of group ensures maximum personal attention.

Further Details

To discuss a demonstation, private coaching, program, camp or coaching support, for your club, home school or school contact, Jef on (717) 414 1166 cell, or e:mail The Table Tennis Centre, See you there.........

E:mail : The Table Tennis Centre

The Table Tennis Centre * 129 North Main Street * Mercersburg * PA * 17236 * tel 717 414 1166 Cell