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Welcome to the world of table tennis at The Table Tennis Centre!
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Table Tennis ~ The Inclusive Sport

Table Tennis is a global sport with International World and National Championships, and is played in over 160 countries worldwide. It became an Olympic Sport in 1988, at the Seol Olympics.
The game as we know it originally began as a parlour game played inside on a dining table, having evolved from lawn tennis. The earliest patent for the action game was registered by David Foster in England in 1890, who introduced the first game of tennis on a table thus bringing lawn tennis inside on a miniaturised scale. However, the first recorded use of the term/name "Table Tennis" was by James Devonshire who applied for a Patent on October 9, 1885 for his "Table Tennis" game. John Jaques original called the game "Gossima" and then "Ping Pong". Hamleys of London developed a relationship with Jaques and trade marked "Ping Pong. The game spread to the U.S.A with Parker Brothers being licensed to use the brand "Ping Pong". The game also spread to other countries with first appearance of boxed sets in 1902 in "England, France and USA amongst others. The earliest racquets were variants of battledores and battoirs as used in the Victorian (Chinese origin) game of "Shuttlecocks and Battledores", hence the shortened name of "bat" being used in England as well as the French word racquet. It swept to popularity during the early 1900's as a parlour game due to the invention of a suitable ball made of cellulose (brought to England from the USA), which is still used today. For a full history go to

Table Tennis is played by over 40 million people of all ages, gender, physiques, moblities and nationalities worldwide.

It is an inclusive sport for any age, physical shape, size or fitness level. it is sociable, a family sport available to boys and girls, men and women. It is played by those who are physically challenged with mobility restictions. There are players who compete in the paralympics from wheelchairs and with incomplete limbs. It provides exercise both aerobic and anerobic. It is enjoyed by basement players through to world class athletes competing at the highest international levels. It can be played all year round and is an all weather sport played inside. It is an inexpensive sport, with equipment available at low prices. A recreational racquet can cost as little as $5.00. No special clothing is required, unless entering sanctioned tournaments, where special rules apply.

It can be played for pleasure, friendship, fitness or imporvement for competitive play, plus all of the above... The USATT sanctions many competitive tournaments around the country for competitive players. The sport is supported by USATT Magazine, video's, DVD's, books, articles, coaching programs, and training camps mostly lead by Certified USATT Coaches.


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 Jef with Dan Seemiller, Olympic Men's National Team Coach (left). Mark Nordby, National Level Coach (right) during a Coaching Seminar (2001) at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

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